Saturday, March 26, 2011

Everything about Tressa's education academically is right on

Tressa is second in the Pringle's in public education. She is repeating the second grade and doing much much better for the most part in completing her work, trying hard more times than not..She is on the general education track with no work modified taking the FCAT. She has her day modified to help meet her disability although her teach in my opinion having her a second year is feeling some parental grieving.. She is struggling with the effects of PWS ... Tressa is doing the "picking" which is consistent to the OCD that comes with a person having this diagnosis. not that we are not trying to deal with ways to curb it. Her teacher is very upset with the self inflicted harm and results which is blood all over her clothing.. I have gotten several calls about the break downs of self injurious behaviors.. I go to the school and Tressa wants to stay because she does not want to miss her AR tests.. Tressa picks her fingers BAD...I agree. She has melt downs over some things we would never see of value... She is food seeking more than 6 months ago (it comes and goes at this level) We are in PWS crisis...and her teacher is very close to her from a second year and it appears she is having more trouble dealing with the PWS behaviors than before...wants them to go away... She is very loving and kind but very very firm and consistent with Tressa which is all the reason why Tressa is doing so well in school. Damn PWS is one of the most cruel disabilities I have been in contact with.