Saturday, March 12, 2011

Emma and her self confidence or lacking there of...

She is not walking free yet. She pushes the chair and now a few toys..BUT THE FUNNIEST is that she will not stand in the middle of the room solo. She crawled over to the LeapFrog hand held toy and got feet and hands on the floor grabbing the toy.. then bends her kneew and gets to a stand in the middle of the room with no one around and she leans forward as if the toy was a solid base she is holding on too... LOL she carefully holds the toy and moves one hand as iff her fingers are holding herself up... I am laughing hysterically on the couch watching this girl trick herself to stand all by herself... This morning it was a big toy you drop balls down into and she was standing next to it and had the idea that she must hold it to stand.. Ms Jan was here and we all sat still watching Miss Emma stand completely on her own, then pick up this large toy as if it was holding her stand...LOL It happens so quickly I can not get it on video... I need a 24/7 video camera on this house hold ... LOL I wish you all could experience the funny moment..

Tonight kaitlyn came up to me with a hige hug said. "Mom, you are my best sister, you are my sister Mom" I explained after a lengthy hug moment that no, I am Mom and not her sister... She pushed me away and said. well I do not like you .. LOL She is a riot. So I go get her to put the dishes away and it was as if it never happened... She must have been thinking something???