Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smiles & hand shakes behind the SUITS

The ride to Tallahassee was uneventful... The kids watched their DVD's a little Charlie and the Choco Factory, which I never knew used the R word.. Karate kid 2 was played 2 times, Alvin and the chipmunks, Sponge Bob and Scooby Do.... Yes I know them well. I love the person who decided to put DVD's in automobiles. Our first fill up was $80.00, then $97 more got us to tally, $48 topped it off $87 more got us home... man oh man...FCC8 will cover the gas thank goodness. THANK YOU FCC8!

Once at the hotel we went to the pool for the kids to unwind. We then went for showers to get dressed up for a dinner party. The FDDC council invited and covered our room and dinner... THANK YOU FDDC!!!!! The speeches from self advocates always lite me on fire.. and all the helpful tips of how to say what we need to say in 3 minutes or less... Talking points ... We did run into more "officials" on my secret path which I will share in hopes you will not take it over next year...LOL but try it as well...

The night ended with a visit from Kaitlyn's Birth Mother, she drove to have some face to face time not only with Kailtyn but all the kids.

We got to bed fairly early to get up and get moving.. we had 7 appointments to meet with mainly staffers since the powers at be are in meetings. We find staffers are really the information highway to the bills any way. The kids had simple hand outs to leave with each office nicely wrapped for they would remember them...APRONS!!! yes, we took APRONS. our little "extra" please remember who made this for you, when they take it home and put it to use. We found one person in every office who embraced the aprons and tears often followed. The kids were quick to identify which one they made. We lost the camera last night and my camera on my cell phone was min at best for indoors and went dead at 11 am...:o(

So we get a few appointments complete and move to the viewing floor...Floor 22 where we waited over 30 minutes for an elevator when a electrician said "Casey" to my Steven.. and he seemed puzzled he didn't respond...but Casey was another boy who looked like Steven.. but this man was our ticket to floor 22, HE HAD THE KEYS!!! With a turn of the key an elevator came and escorted us straight to floor 22.....LOL

Down to the court yard and pizza is served by ARC of Florida..THANK YOU!!! Jordan thought the Governor ordered it just for him...Jordan actually seized the moment when I was solo with the kids to go to the stand and take an entire case of bagged cookies.. NO ONE STOPPED HIM, I begged him to take the box took a lot of convincing and he got lots of praise by a gentleman for making the right choice...then Keirsten pipes up, why ...other people were taking boxes (staff of ARC passing them out) LOL You would understand the humor at this point that when we went to the Gov office a couple things were too funny. Tressa walked in like she owned the place and informed them she was there for lunch with Gov. Scott...She assumed all this time SHE was having lunch personally with the Governor. Well a little melt down and she wrote him a note in his office we moved on..for Jordan to run up to former Gov Jeb Bush life size photo on the wall yelling "THAT'S MY DAD!" I was shocked... he remembered meeting him but more hysterical he placed the world Dad with him... LOL He was loud and many heard him....LOL

So our secret.... We went out to the side walk which leads to the downtown eateries...YES the officials DO NOT EAT LUNCH IN THE CAPITAL.... they sneak out side doors and swiftly walk to the sidewalks to the down town areas while thousands are seating in the courtyard for speeches.. WHO COULD WALK PAST MY CREW.... We go hand shakes, several 3 minute speeches made , more than 7 which took a lot of time to complete... I focus on those coming back with full bellies and they all stop...They all wish us a wonderful day, shake our hands and make small talk... but they get a card, they put it in their pocket and we get a free ride back to their office where we see our card on their staffers desk later or some maybe kept in their pocket and it rode home with them. One thing is for sure...they will remember the faces of all 7 of my children, their smiles and their mishaps...Jordan cut his thumb and blood was every where which stirred some commotion. VERY NICE MEN IN SUITS.. and yes the woman were equally as nice, not as many stopped, but equally friendly.