Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today we celebrate Carmelo turning 4 years old, big plans for fun at 3:30 inside Chuck E Cheese. I have printed coupons, we have his gifts in the gift bag and now waiting for the little ones to get out of school.

We went to the thrift shop this morning to find some deals on walking shorts for Jordan and Kaitlyn. Jordan is in real need. Kaitlyn needs a pair of shoes. I found four pair which to me finding like new Abercrombie and Fitch Quality shorts in new condition and size 31 waist for $3.00 CHA CHING!!!! ring em up. I got another Tommy Bahama which will be perfect with a silk shirt for the cruise... yes I am a planner.

Our next stop was Ross for shoes but no go, the size 4 she found were YIKES and she really wanted them but i have a line..the shoes closed that line... She just wants new shoes, well I thought she wanted new shoes...i found a very cute pair of sketchers with Rhine stones, glitter and jewels on the side.. "I AM SIXTEEN MOM"

OK, we did find a really cool rolling bag sorta kinda like the rolling grocery bag if you walk tot he store makes it easy to get your things home. It is bigger and more beautiful and perfect for our travels when we go to a hotel and then need that something something to take everything we need to the pool... So it is our Hotel Pool bag. gotta love ROSS Price's. and Emma got a couple very cute outfits for her Birthday.

Over to Payless, the woman inside the store is trying to tell me a size four shoe for a little foot is the same as a 6 in women's... Ok maybe in their Payless shoes of shoe training it is but I have the foot --- it is attached to Kaitlyn's leg and it needs a teeny tiny foot and she fits into a child's 4 but they are all baby looking... so we go to the woman's 5 and no tennis shoes so we move to 5 1/2 and that was too big... I did look down at these very cute silver sandals... you know girlie girl and not TeVO looking... well they fit yippeee yahooo for me for a second, she quickly said I do not like them... So I look all cute and ask, but will you wear them for mommy??? NO! I WILL NOT WEAR THEM. LOL Gosh why did she have to get 16 so fast. I told her will will keep looking but now we need to go get some food and start home ...