Saturday, March 26, 2011

This darling little boy is being kept in an institution, when he had two
approved parents come over to adopt him, but they were denied. They were
denied because the judge said he was "socially unadaptable due to his
medical condition." His medical condition is Down syndrome!! He was denied
a loving family, because he has Down syndrome. Please help us get the word
out there about his injustice. Please say prayers for this family, that
somehow a miracle can help them bring their little boy home. Watch this
video and you will see he is not socially unadaptable at all, in fact, watch
to the end, and your heart will melt! This is proof that he is able to love,
and more importantly, able to be loved! Yes, it is possible to love
children with Down syndrome, even if this judge finds it hard to believe.
Not only is it possible, it is impossible not to love our children who have
Down syndrome. Love does not discriminate! Sadly, many believe that with
her, which is why there is an IDSC for Life in the first place!

Thank you for keeping this family in your prayers.

Please share this, let's help this family through this time.