Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh isn't teaching teens so much fun....

It has been a busy week and facebook has been the max of me keeping friends and family informed.

Keirsten...oh Keirsten.... She is 17 going on 7 at times...I only wish I could say different some days.. The reality of turning 18 and the threats she has made for the COUNTDOWN TO LEAVE... LOL are in the face.... She is finding everything a little more real at this point. How do you shop on $50.00 Oh my ... is the bank not the supplier of endless funds, you mean really there is an end to the checking account...balance?? what is that... Yes, we are working on reality 101... I have her figuring out her budget..she is struggling because she would like a 2 story with a pool but thinks $200.00 a month rent is reasonable..yes for a two story with a pool... See, I have my work cut out for me so we are starting small. We have done all the thrift shops and I am logging down all their special days, You can hit the red cross on Tuesday for 1/2 price and Goodwill is 1/2 price if you only look at the color of the week. You can find a deal in about one of them each outing as long as you stick to your NEED list. I need a black pair of slacks for an that does not mean buy 7 shirts for the beach... Well, you know she is 17 and the whole 2nd hand store is good information to have but she says let's go to Platos closet they are $5.00... well, she thought everything she liked there was $5.00 and what the heck is EACH... EACH means $5.00 times 7 thats $10.00 right??? NOT it is too much money when you have $50 and need to get food too.. remember she really only NEEDS a pair of black slacks...LOL Then she wants steak.. she sees $4.89 a lb and picks up a pack of steaks... gets to pay and says no no no the sign said $4.89... OH A POUND (what does that mean) means your steaks are over a lb... it has been a hard day for her... We went to the stores she likes: Macy's, Dillard's, Justice, Claire's, Bath and Body works, Belks, Beall's, JC Penney's and My point was to show her how I shop in these stores. I showed her how to quickly walk to the back of the store and look for the word Clearance. She was into it...quick stepped to 50% off... I explained no no no we are looking for clearance racks...CLEARANCE.. 70 to 95% off and we have some additional 40% off coupons.. YES I DO~ I got two sweaters from justice..$39.50 each orig price I paid under $3.00 each and a huge pack of socks at justice $2.00... We went to Belk and found Kaitlyn a $45.00 pair of designer jeans for $4.48 and then to Claires where we got $1.00 items and you will not believe the items we found....CHACHING! Then to Dillards where we got many items over $30.00 for $4.00 OK, Did Keirsten do this well... She is in the learning stages..There were the oh mom but look at these die for..(yep, when she gets a job we'll see how to die for)Then when places where it said buy 2 get one free...she was so excited.. NOT A DEAL. She was so frustrated at times but I kept pointing out we need to dig, shop and find deals. It will take a few more trips and her exploring on her own and eating roman noodles for a week to really learn.. I can feel she is going to choose the hard road in this lesson planning.