Sunday, July 11, 2010


Today has been one of those crash and burn days. Burning the midnight oil the past few days caught up to me. I wanted to watch a couple Netflix since I got home which kept me up until after 1 am. Last night I actually watched Extraordinary measures for the second time along with watching Baccalaureate from Monday night that I missed .. watching two movies at the same time is fun..ADHD helps; LOL The Netflix on the TV and the ABC show on the laptop. laying on my bed with nothing but me to focus on. Tonight is My Life in Ruins- how appropriate.. LOL

Today yet another story. Up early to have coffee on the porch which was surprisingly cool. The wind blew and the overcast kept the heat at bay so actually enjoyed a large cup of coffee outside this morning alone before the little ones were active.. well too active to enjoy coffee. Laundry has been running non stop since we got in Thursday night. All the travel items clean, their bedrooms which had been neglected all clean and all sheets, curtains and rugs with everything unstuffed washed clean and put away.

Ms Jan came today for their Sunday O.T. therapy which is a five hour process to get through the children. Tomorrow is Sewing classes. IN HOME. Yes, creative summer therapy; fine motor. measuring, cutting and actually using a real sewing machine along with many hand stitches. The four older kids in therapy; Kaitlyn, Steven, Tressa and Jordan start SEWING tomorrow. We have chosen a patchwork item which will be a bag for each to have of their own. Jordan chose a car pattern for his matchbox cars to travel in, Tressa chose a rose and solid fabric with 4" squares and a drawstring to carry her trinkets in, Steven is making one with baseball theme for hats he says, and Kaitlyn is making a makeup bag.

My day has been putting out fires with kids getting back into step with one another, Jordan is on a roll trying to catch up on time outs... Emma seems to feel she is an only child.. LOL Catching up with those I was not able to fit into this trip has not been pleasant.. I had not planned on the ones who would not come out the parties for me to see friends. I had limited time in places so I thought being at the class reunion even though not my class would help see as many as possible. The family party was AWESOME seeing so many family... but yes there was several friends and family I did not get to see. I would love to have friends and or family come to Florida so I can have quality time not stressing to get to know everyone again... BUT equally know this is not easy for others to get to Florida...

Today was a crock pot day. Left overs for lunch and dinner in a pot for easy serving yet healthy which has helped to have us on schedule for our bedtime routine just about ready to start. I am almost there... LOL My goal is to blog from beginning to end of our upcoming trip to Orlando. SO to date I have the boys shorts and tops placed on the kitchen counter (door locks) all folded and ready to go into the suitcase. I have our refillable cups from the resort clean and set aside for packing. All the travel items replenished into the travel bags which I did when we returned from camp. The bags are sitting ready to be filled with each of the kids clothes. Tomorrow I will food shop and Tuesday I will load the van. We leave about noon on Wed to Orlando.