Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today was an early morning for coffee with a friend..A lovely surprise. I know I looked a hot mess when she arrived due to another night of sick kids... Jordan this time crying with ear pain. Then Emma spiked a fever about 2:30am so it is today (the weekend) we have to go to the Doctor... I feel like loading up the van with them all... Lucas walked out of his room at 8am, went straight to the TV room..I was thinking he was going to watch cartoons although he didn't turn it on. He wondered about; then came face to face with me.. EYES COMPLETELY MATTED SHUT... poor baby was aimlessly traveling the floor plan..Off to the shower with warm water and he can see again. Out to the back porch for coffee I discover the dog has jumped up on the side of the pool, unhooked the filter from the side wall of the pool, the back yard is flooded and pool 1/2 empty....the grass out there is about 2 feet tall (code violation for sure) Keirsten used the mower and now it won't start...URG!!! That is going to repair shop. Why do I look like a hot mess this morning?????? Lack of sleep four days following six days packed full out of town... Where is that vacation we are talking about??? Actually, I have a few friends pulling together a MOM'S cruise. Oh I could sign on right now.

While at the single parent group in Orlando I met this single mom who explained her daily routine balancing the kids, men, house and all.... She said she has a man friend who never comes to the house...She sees him at his place (HER TIME) on a specific day and time regularly set for her and him to connect at whatever level they choose for that moment....then she went on to say she has an electrical husband, a plumber husband, an AC husband, a yard Husband... men sometimes actually "married" to her girlfriends that she has to do all the daily maintenance around the house and yard... WHERE HAVE I GONE WRONG???

I must say the other 99% of the single moms in the group were in my boat..LOL well their boat was smaller, lol

My list of things to do is growing rapidly as I can not sit and hold Ms Emma all day today although so far it hasn't been that bad (her crying) this morning, she is managing to occupy herself with play more today.