Thursday, July 22, 2010

WED. July 22st

Today started out a little off, Jordan slept in until about 10 which indicates possible he is coming down with something, Tressa was up in the wee hours of the morning doing what she does best... our home is so methodically run that if one slip up occurs she seems to just know it. In order to keep her out of the deep freezer I load the lid with anything heavy. Yes it might look like it has something on it that needs put away although it is actually my lock as the little lock and key to deep freezers is really not worth the time of installing it..(pops right open) So indeed someone so kindly put away the laundry that was in baskets loaded on top of the freezer...and she somehow knew her opportunity was there. Steven found the frozen food in the TV room behind the chair this morning with chew marks.

Once our day started since no therapy comes on Wed until after dinner we took today to scrub the TV room, amazing what one can find in the room the children hang out in the most. Really isn't it easier to walk that item to the trash than shove it up, in around or down something? At least equally easy? I tried hard to help them see the cleaning of the room would not take so long had they just put their things away each time they had them... Keirsten is the worst about this... and it trickles down from there. I scrubbed the back porch, took down some wasp nests and Steven collected items Ali has made her own and scattered about the back yard. When do dogs stop chewing up everything??? I can not wait. Those following my puppy drama, the fence was taken care of by Kory screwing the planks in, now Ali is digging holes to get under the fence so we have dug down 2 feet and buried shelf grates and filled it in... so she digs but there is underground fencing too.... like I needed more to do right.

I got signed up for the next MAPP classes in August and some other paperwork which I had been dragging my feet on completed.. a productive day.

A friends stop by to have some girl time later this afternoon and we went up to the local grill which opened about 3 weeks ago. LAZY DOGS and yes people had their Dogs up there as well.. very welcome for lazy dogs (dogs no longer chewing and digging holes) Most were small to tiny tea cup size dogs.

We had refreshments outside with these wonderful table top fans that doubled as air conditioners/coolers... I need to find out more about those. Would love it for my back room and back porch. After a bit we picked up sushi and headed home. Jordan was giving Mandie a had time, he has a tendency to really push her buttons.