Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nathan needs a 4ever family

Nathan turned 6 in June. He was adopted from Eastern Europe and is in the U.S., His family adopted 3 children all very close in age (not biologically related), so they are unable to give Nathan the assistance he needs. Nathan has been diagnosed with a somewhat mild form of FASD, which causes him some memory problems and language delays but his IQ is in the normal range. His mother says he can be very loving and affectionate, and his teachers indicate that he tries hard and is not really very behind in school. Nathan needs a new home with a single parent, or a married couple, with children who are not younger than he is. He would do best in a home where any other children are older than he is, so he doesn''t feel like he has to compete. Preference will be given to families who have completed homestudies. Please email to receive more information. We had a huge amount of records, dr. reports, school reports etc. Travel will be needed by one parent to his homestate. If you email the above address you will receive information faster than by clicking the fields below.