Saturday, July 24, 2010

SUSHI took a back seat

We went for the traditional Nachos tonight so that we could skype and eat. We had the lap top on during Ayden's party so we could sing, eat cake and be there to watch him open presents. That and learn to roll sushi would have been too much.

We ordered our Disney on Ice tickets today. $10.00 a seat for September 17th night show, we are there. I plan to have a van load.

Mandie was here today, I did not sleep although I did rest. My van needs a new battery... so we are stay put for awhile. My list keeps growing.. I need to be sure it isn't more than the life of a battery.. I did jump this truck a couple weeks ago. Actually the day before we left for Disney. He said he was with the phone company I think, he talked to Mandie and he needed in my back yard. I hardly remember the whole day. They electric company needed in my back yard to cut branches to the house behind mines tree.. Some branches fell into my yard so they came over.. My yard is solid closed so to get to my back yard you have to come through the house. Then comcast came for the tree cutting event to check their lines and the phone company??? I do not know but this maroon truck wouldn't start at the end of the back yard event... so he asked me to jump his truck. I didn't want to but saying no isn't always my quality... I have two power boosters but neither work..why do I still have them?? Because I figure until a "professional " tells me they do not work I will hold on to them... like all the other items hanging around to get clarification to be thrown out. Ok, long way to say I need to deal with my van, the battery a blinker light out and oil change. Then there is the issue of two broken windows on the house... on the list... One is in the bathroom and the palmetto bugs feel the moisture from the shower and some the size of a mouse are coming in... You should see me when I find one.. What ever I can grab.. hair spray, perfume, bug spray or spray non stick.. they are going down. The air conditioner which a friends husband is coming to deal with once I get the flu bug out of here... That is totally flooding my laundry room at this point. I had no idea air handlers cycled so much moisture to make gallons and gallons of water a day. I have one sink clogged, are you following me.... My list is growing..

I am a planner, I have a list to do today, a list for tomorrow and a list in case this happens or that and a list for important things, the calendar is my guide to each day and the list fills in the gaps.... I had neglected those lists for months so today it is more than the norm... one foot in front of the other and it will be done before I know it. Today I am holding out "resting" for pay day as the trip to Disney wiped me out.. I robbed Peter to pay Paul so the kids could enjoy their time in Orlando... so we lay low and re-group next week.... costs me nothing to plan.. then I start at the top of the list and go like wildcats completing the list marking things off and feeling so good at the end of each day!