Monday, July 12, 2010

Last day of prep ... off to DISNEY

We are going to Orlando for a National Down Syndrome conference. I have secured funding to help cover the costs which is wonderful. Many families are not able to attend because of the costs of conferences which is unfortunate. I feel very fortunate to be attending along with taking all my children. The National Down syndrome conference brings families together from around the country. All the families have a person with Down syndrome in their lives. This conference also exposes us to all the adults making new strides in life, showing our children all that they can be. This will be the first time we have attended where Kaitlyn or any of my children can actually participate in the actual conference. Kaitlyn is in the young adult program and Keirsten will attend the sibling group. They will be busy with their conference programs the entire weekend. I have hired respite to provide the care for the other children so that they can attend to experience the pool filled with peers like them, they can attend the dances to be among peers like them. It is an amazing experience.

Our family did the GIVE A DAY, GET A DAY, for Disney in the spring so we have our passes ready to redeem on Thursday. I believe the children have chosen Hollywood as our park to play in. Jordan keeps saying Disney ship although that is not an option. I am sure he will be happy with the park play day.

I have put together the food as we use home cooking even in hotel life. I see no reason to spend hundreds of dollars to feed us when the experience is more important than eating. I buy fun foods as well but the focus of us traveling or vacationing is not food related. New goggles is the preferred item for swimming. I do allow a treat, I am not anti food just not our focus.

Tomorrow we load the van, Jordan and I vacuumed it out today. A couple kids haircuts and shoes for Kaitlyn's dress. We have therapy again tomorrow. Oh I can not forget it is my day to pick up bread for the pantry...I had a week off and my mind went to mush..I had to think and then ask about what day we take our garbage to the road...Give me a break from responsibility and my mind wipes everything clear..LOL