Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back home, back into the grind!!!!

I woke up to a few of the kids quietly moving about the house. Tressa back into her pattern of getting up and into things... My purse taken apart in pieces as she tries to take custody of all the pennies... but everything else everywhere in her room. She has dumped out the last of a few black conference bags and located some hard candy. I had a time getting about two dozen small hard candies unstuck from her thick hair. I guess better in her hair than eaten right... urg.. she can make such a mess and she is the one child no matter what will not pick up after herself. I am telling you that with the best behavioral specialist and all the bag of tricks this girl is STUBBORN! and you will buckle before she will pick up her own mess by herself. So that was my wake up...I could smell the coffee although a quick reminder I am back on duty. I have heard word that help is on the way...Tressa's PCA person should be in place soon. They have come to our home to evaluate the times we need someone here and this we need to get through all the red tape. She has gained 10 lbs since school is out due to her ability to out wit the other children and get into places she is not aloud. She has this sense about her that I can not explain but she can focus on an item to retrieve in second at the right time and you will never know it is happening until you find the aftermath... PRADER-WILLI SYNDROME.... amazing genetic make up.

The kids were getting back in step with the 8 am rule (do not leave your room until 8 am) Breakfast is at 8 and then once their rooms are clean they are in free play. Steven is already in the pool, Keirsten preparing for her therapy and the others finding things to do.... no TV. WOW! Being Tuesday we have the normal household items, laundry... speech today for 5 hours, noon meeting with our respite provider for final signatures and payment, OT for two, clarinet lessons, Mandie comes and FCC8 tonight, with the final activity picking up the bread for the pantry. I need to call WIC to reschedule Emma's appointment from yesterday, pick up Kaitlyn's glasses that are in and do a little grocery shopping. Now, I want to finish a nice quiet cup of coffee before tackling the kitchen.