Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My family is a gift to many; I am seeing thier love unfold

In my life I am often too busy to stop and realize how many lives we touch. Last night I got yet another contact on how a situation we are involved in currently is going, then her request to partake in the journey. I realized I have opened my family to so many as a gift in sorts. Not to any ones surprise I am sure, we are being considered with the possibility of adding to our family. The child is out of state and now I have three separate people requesting to take the journey as my mommy's helper to pick up this child, if we are approved.

I was half scared to ask a friend to travel two years ago to assist with the children while I went out of state to adopt Lucas. I knew this person would never understand my passion to go get him, he was a very needy child. I had reservations to weather asking her to come along would hinder or assist... it was trying to say the least... BUT with all the love and support this woman became a stronger support to our family and truly understood my heart as she weathered that journey by my side. Now she has volunteered actually strongly requested that she be the person to go again if I am to adopt. She has shared with me that since our trip two years ago her life has deepened immeasurably in watching the gains this little miracle boy has made.

The other person(s) is our new respite company. They have traveled for the second time with us this summer and are aware of the situation at hand. They have requested to be the support to travel out of state with us and have so many cute stories they are sharing with their immediate family about their weeks with my children. One close relative being an attorney ad Litem in Northern Florida who commented about the passion her nieces have shared by having my children a part of their lives.

Of course as anyone can imagine my close friend would love to be a part of the journey... she is actually starting MAPP classes to allow the option of her being an adoptive mom in the future open in her life.