Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today was a busy family day. We got off to a rocky start with the teen and texting... URG .... It is obvious when she can not wake up in the morning she has been up all night. I made her write an essay on how she can make changes to have a more healthy lifestyle. Her first one went something like this... If I wake up on time I get to go to my friends from noon until 9:30 pm each day...............LOL That page went to the recycle bin. NEXT! We got much closer to what I wanted to see so we are going to elaborate on it tomorrow and put it into a contract.. I am struggling with the amount of texting teens do, but a survey on facebook makes my situation more normal than not. Now it is getting balance. Teens need jobs and in this economy it is tough. It really isn't about money as much as time management, personal growth in all areas.. It is a shame the jobs the teens were getting are holding families together as main household income.

Once our day got underway we did picture games, the kids look at a picture and make up a story about the picture. I do not have to tell you who had the most exaggerated story to tell with all the drama emotions as if she really lived it. Yes, Tressa is the winner for story telling. We must have sang ABC's 50 times today. EMMA yes, Emma --come on you didn't think i was going to say sang it with us...I am good but I am not that good...LOL She did dance and hummm mimicking us so she was absorbing the song. She is saying approximations of words each day although if I was not experienced in it one would miss what she is doing because it is slight and not consistent. Therapy started a little later and lasted later into the night.