Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh what a morning.... I went to bed last night early so woke up at midnight and blogged my day when I went to go back to sleep at 2:44 I met a party going on.... yes, the party had just begun. Kaitlyn had rallied the ones who would wake up and Keirsten was at the communication controls having her cell phone in her one hand texting, the house phone in the other and working the lap top in between... ALl huddled in the darkness of THREE AM IN THE MORNING!!! and she looks at me and says "what's wrong" ??? As I shut down the house AGAIN, Kaitlyn is a bit miffed that I am awake.. she tries to take charge and demands I go to my room and go back to bed...LOL With a firm hand in keeping the lights off she changed her tune and went to bed.. Lucas and Steven quickly fell back to sleep... Tressa moved to the couch and I stayed awake to see what her plan was.. She checked the door to the kitchen, the deep freezer lid and seemed to slither around not finding anything and knowing I was just up she went back to sleep... after 2 hours she was up again as if maybe some how the door was opened or items moved from the freezer. She then proceeds to go into a conversation if I remembered what she had for dinner the last time we went to Gainesville ( JUNE 2009 ) no I have no idea what we had nor where we went actually. She recalls it all. I get her to lay down although she say some break of day. She goes out to the back porch with our friend for coffee and talks their ears off...LOL She has so much drama in her conversations recalling past events.

Ms Jill is here 10 am until about 3 pm for speech today, Mandie is here and I need to do the grocery run that did not happen yesterday.
The kids are up and active, I am trying to get some initial plans for our holidays and next years conferences... just getting to the disabilities conferences is a feat for our family. I found cruises at $169.00 from our port which is a week long so I would love to skip the gifts for Christmas and do a cruise..