Friday, July 30, 2010

I am so ready for the heat to be gone....

I do not even care if it rains every afternoon if only the heat would BACK OFF for a bit... really not the heat as much as the humidity. I have not been in the pool much this summer here at home and it wares on me to be in the house too long but going out to play is brutal... and I have three kids who just HATE heat... Tressa can not regulate her own body temp so she is a health risk at times in the heat, Lucas being from Hungary still has no preference for play out in the heat and baby Emma who some how has come to believe she is a golden princess and nothing uncomfortable should pass present her in any given day... she is getting to be a real pill... She is trying hard to scream and fall out crying to stop therapy... but when I pick her up she stops instantly... so I sit her on my lap and she twists and turns and snuggles to fight doing any non preferred task... SORRY EMMA there was one or two before you..... We got your number girlfriend.

I am under the weather a bit today, coming back but forgot to eat yesterday, then went out and had a small slice of flatbread and forgot to eat today until I drank two large glasses of tea and had cramps in the worst way. Having surgery years ago I do not ever feel hungry, I have to bring myself to eat or I can go days and only drink. I usually feel weak or light headed then it hits me, when did you last eat something. If I forget to eat protein for days my hair will start to fall out...major sign I need to focus back on myself. That is usually only during high stress tomes and avoiding those is another focus of mine..

I have put in many many hours to the awareness walk the past few days and the responce is fantastic. Thank you all.

We have a new baby in Haiti in need of heart repair to live and again I am faced with 2010 where the medical profession does not feel they should grant a charity Heart surgery to a child with down syndorme dur to the QUALITY OF LIFE>.... It just send me to places of darkness to know this is the view of people today. Especially people who make hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars from repairing baby's with Down syndrome all year being paid full rates... I am sickened once again... I must find a way to break through this mental image for charity heart surgery. A human is a human is a human... if they can live from a surgery my GOD is the only God and he assures me it is INCLUSION in his image of quality of life.

My van is on the road again, it had something to do with wiring. I am feeling good about that, next is the air conditioner so I do not have to have water running on my head from the ceiling... GROUSE!

I found a large black snake in my garage, Mandie saw a second one, they must have been calling this home for some time because they are HUGE for black racers, I am thankful they are eating the rats because we have not had a rat issue during these rains and usually rats come out of the canal areas up on the wires and into attacks where they cause all kinds of trouble...

I will post more pics soon, Activity time in our house, I need to supervise.