Sunday, July 25, 2010

Therapy day..SEWING!!! yes they are sewing on a sewing machine

Today is our therapy day for all the children. We have so much going on, our friends from Orlando are in a rental home out on Sanibel for us to bop out and have beach time for the next two weeks or so... Yippeee, Tressa loves Chloe and their time together is precious. Bella is planning to join in on the weeks of fun as well, wonderful girl time... the others plan to join and locate shells the tide has brought in, big waves with Bonnie stirring up the gulf's base will land many treasures on the waters edge for treasure hunts. Sanibel has a museum of shells which offers education on the life of a shell with names of each shell how they eat and grow.. then we take those educational worksheet out to the waters edge and match what we learned to what we find. VERY FUN! not expensive either, entry is like $7.00 adult and $4.00 for kids. The video alone is worth the trip, thing you just never knew.. The kids love the little shops on Sanibel which have so many craft ideas to bring home and make. We love arts and craft times.

Today they all have most of their squares cut out (by hand), they will lay out their pattern to hand sew their appliques to the front square of their projects. Jordan has a car, Tressa a big red heart, Steven is doing a baseball cap and Kaitlyn is hand sewing hers a tube of lipstick, they all got to choose their own. Then sew the squares in a patchwork fashion which will be done on the machine and then the bag will be sewn together again via machine. This is so much fun. It is time consuming which is teaching the children the best projects take time to be done right. They were a little upset that the bag wasn't done the first session or even second.

I will take pictures today... we have pool time with another friend this morning before the thunderstorms roll in, and therapy begins. Keirsten is grooming to be a medwaiver caregiver for older people with disabilities living in their own appartments, this is her hands on time supervised...and the bonus is we all get to go swimming at their complex. Gotta run, swim suits staring at me...LOL