Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All the shopping is complete, only some eggnog to make and cookies to bake tomorrow for our Christmas Eve family gathering. This year we have Erin and Lara yet missing; Josh, Kory Michelle and Ayden... : o( They are all up North int eh wintery storms wishing they had sunshine on their face... no, this is their fist winter in snow so this year they are loving it.

Emma is making me so proud. She is one smart little girl.. she is sitting in her activity seat playing with her toys. She is pulling the string on her mirror which does not do anything, just there to chew on. She has been playing with her new butterfly which when she pulls on a simliar part of that toy it creates she is pulling on this one and now lifting up to her EAR!!!! she is, I am watching as she liiks at it pulls looks at it and moves it to her ear... no sound so she tries again... VERY VERY SMART!

Keirsten is coming down with a cold and laying for rest...praying it passes quickly. The others are out back playing in the yard. Today a nice heat wave came through in time for them to play. Lucas is napping and I am feeling calm. The laundry isn't done, the dishes not put away from linch and the house...well the kids are on break so I deal with it...

Ooops company in the drive!!