Friday, December 4, 2009

It seems right now the morning was days ago.. I got a cat nap after dinner and look, here I am. I was slammed today with duties of volunteer hours out of control.. A visual..Sitting on the couch after carefully placing the lap top on the arm rest plugged in for the Long haul, the cell phone also connected to electricity and placed strategically so that I can be in my Pj's feed a less than week old as I use my foot to rock my 8 mo old fed and happy, as I write down notes on the tablet to my right, type in details on the laptop to my left making sure no air gets into the nipple of the 2 oz bottle or the rhythm of the rock isn't jerky to upset Emma and talk on the phone to family after family to get the list into the fire department 4 days late...LOL Now with the washer running, dishwasher loaded, coffee hot and all the kids dressed and in school, I call that multi tasking at it's finest... LOL Little bit smiles and warms my heart, Emma babbles and tries to interject into the conversations. They both manage poops after meals and a few other attention seeking moves throughout my skilled party planning activities.

The day was extremely successful.. I think I need a secretary. I was working on a spreadsheet which I am not talented in using at all. The entire page would slide away and 10 minutes of clicking and undo ing to get back to where I started and sometime wiping out work completed. No sense in hashing over spilt milk. It is in.. I am now on my own for the rest of our guests.

It is an amazing journey this time of year for me. I meet incredible people, parents of awesome kids.

So the rain has not let up today, it has been "sundown" since about noon or earlier. The kids had good days, the tree will be plucked from a tent tomorrow and we will move forward all speed ahead in decorating for Christmas. I have some planning to do for a glitch in my little bits life. I must have her to DNA testing Monday early in MIAMI...Urg! There is a Holiday party in the vicinity Sunday which we can go to and make an overnight out of the trip, this requires notifying OT and see if we can move up 6 kids' therapy with no notice and all miss school Monday..HHHnnmmmm... OR I take off early Monday morning and race across the alley and back in one day as fast as possible..

I am still only sleeping min from every 3 hour feeds.. Mandie is here tomorrow so it will be best if I sleep a straight sleep of about 4 hours while she is here.. now lets see if that happens.

I am disturbed at my community in the news tonight...A teacher from my daughters school was arrested for crystal meth and when I talked to Keirsten about it she was on the phone with another student that said the teacher was suspected of being high all the time although the students felt it was prescription drugs. I am glad she is caught although for me I can not for the life of me think how a professional could take the first taste of this drug or any other street drug. I get the addictions to pain pills which start out as a medical condition but crystal meth or crack...come on any educated person knows not to even be any where near it..let alone touch it.. I am the one who doesn't take aspirin when I have a head ache I can go to a place in my mind to relax and it can go away or I do not drink coffee for a day and it doesn't happen so without drugs for me and my belief for my children.. Unless they must have something to manage their body I hold out until we "have to" take medication and it works because my children are some of the healthiest kids I know as in colds/flu/etc.

Tired set in that quick, I am off to bed. Night. Check on me tomorrow I might need rescued via boat if the rain doesn't give way.