Friday, December 4, 2009

I am impressed with my community 110%

I can not tell you how positive some very sad experiences are turning all my thoughts to feel


I got a call from a close friend about a mom who delivered at her 6 th month. The baby is sick, in the hospital and now weighs 3 lbs 7 oz. Mom was not prepared and is on very hard times............ I have had non stop emails and calls to help this Mom get ready for her baby to come home...I can not begin to tell your the number of people who want to help in our community. I hope to get face to face with mom today or in the morning to start giving her all the items and connections for her to put together the things she needs to bring her baby home.... AMAZING!!!!

MY COMMUNITY IS THE BEST!!!!! Right now this mom needs nothing more that I know of. THANK YOU ALL !!!!

I got the gift list in with a couple empty spots I noticed after I pressed send...I am not good with spreadsheets... I am sure they will forgive me.. If you have not RSVP to the holiday party and you plan to attend please let me know. Some new rules this year puts the ball back in my court so I posted needed support on the page.. if you can even get one item off the wish list it will help.

I have no time, calls, lists, baby's house and all that I have on my plate says No time to blog thoughts... maybe tonight.