Monday, December 28, 2009

Auh, it is so peaceful here this alarms, no rush to get dressed no buses no stress....

Yesterday was a good day. my parents came down from Ruskin to have a celebration meal with us. They live in Florida most of the year now. Their lives are full of retirement events and their adoptive family of neighbors in their retirement community. Being a latter in life adopting parent my current family life is a bit to fast for their enjoyment for any length of time. Of course I am not in denial to understand delivering a passenger van of children to any one's home is a bit overwhelming.

We were ready for their usual arrival after their Sunday mass lets out, add two hours and it should be about noon...Well by 12:30 I was ready for a cat nap...I put the oven on to heat the lasagna and laid down..I was awoke about 45 minutes later they have arrived. Fruit bearing they entered our home with smiles. Tressa is our loudest greeter and they just love her affection. The others are right behind them. It was all good, we were able to have Michelle and Ayden join via skype/webcam. My parents will be upgrading to web cam ability very soon. My Dad was inquisitive and lit up with the technology. After some visiting lunch was served. The table dressed as nice as one can get with plastic wear. (dishwasher broke) now I am concerned with the lights in the house...we have a Palm tree that lend to rats getting in the attic and it appears maybe they are chewing on the electric because one at a time I am looking lighting.... very concerning. I thought it odd that an overhead light with three long fluorescent bulbs went out all at once.. I am use to one bulb at a time and some flickering first but no, this was a month ago just out it went. now the ceiling fan in the next room is acting funny and so I am growing with concern. Sure wish I knew something on the EHM so I knew if I should scape up funds to start many repairs...I am in prayer that it will all be water under the bridge soon... Gods will.

SO we had a nice visit. Mandie and Carmelo left after lunch and some visiting but Carmelo was so tired it was preventing her to enjoy their time. He was so tired he let them know he is too shy to hug goodbye...which made everyone laugh and they got their hugs regardless. My kids do not do well with me 1:1 in conversation not completely circled around them. Such as yesterday spending time with my parents in an adult topic conversation. They kids started acting out..Kaitlyn screamed as if it were life threatening over a marker taken when she wasn't finished and a bucket of 10,000 more markers in front of her....then Jordan is passing gas, burping, actually a couple times telling them good bye and to leave (they didn't understand him) and other behaviors clearly expressing as far as he was concerned they are over staying his welcome.. He is the one who will step it up a notch...My diversions of having Keirsten make him hot chocolate, getting hi engaged in a game etc.. were very limited... then he needs to go potty and I must help. OK, that was a short 1:1 time for not enough.... he goes from potty to shower and struts himself out to the middle of the house butt naked holding his rather large pull up in one hand and a pair of pajama pants in the other.... arms extended saying for me to help him..Nope not a cover any where....100 lbs of pure 9 year old boy in the buff.... My Mom gasps " Oh, My" my dad looks mortified! I pretty much knew their exit was going to be soon...LOL My parents had not know about our family piece in the newspaper as she informed me her computer is not working back in Florida from being connected to the internet in much of the information I thought she knew she was in the dark. They took an extra copy of the paper to read at home, gave hugs all around and I actually got a full fledged squeeze hug fro the first time from my Father in YEARS. Most of the time it was a lean to... Mom is always good for a good bye hug but this felt great...maybe it was the conversation we were able to get out.. I am pretty open about life and my feelings as I near 50. Life is what it is and today I live for me..I live my life just as I choose and I answer to no one but my God. I follow my lead and live copilot for what I believe in...and acceptance from my parents is welcome but no longer yearned for.