Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have you seen my day planner ????

I had an IEP this morning with stressed stacked on stress although I had taken the weight off my shoulder and let everything ride...(without any medications) You see about a month ago I went to a meeting with my day runner AKA my left side of my brain. When I went to load info into it the following day it was no where to be found. So you see the right side of my brain is nothing without the balance...SO it started last Friday night when I knew Monday , two kids have physical appointments and I was called to Miami STAT Monday morning...stress began trying to cover my home for child care for 7, and then who gets ditched?? The physicals or the DNA...neither are open to call and discuss other appointment times until Monday morning 8:30 at which I would need to be 3/4 or more of the way to Coral Gables (Miami) to be at the appointment at 10 am... I head to Miami at the crack of dawn, no before actually. We get to the appointment on time which we were informed it was rescheduled until noon...then after waiting helpless the DNA person is LATE and gets in about 12:45. The process is not complex although my humor has dissipated and the time to communicate small talk long past..He was bibbly and energized to most likely cover the fact he was almost 3 hours late. I need back on the road to get home, my respit was set for 8 hours.. I did forget to tell you I am not really multi task proficient especially while driving. When we got to 8:30 and I was on Alligator Alley I tried to call to reschedule the physicals.. The phone dropped, shut off, dialed another number and what have you ...PALM PRE's are not for busy moms..not for me. That in and of itself causing me undo stress. and Sprint says it works perfectly... (push the talk button and the whole phone shuts off and 4 Min to reboot) Touch it wrong, it shuts completely off... that is not fine for this busy mom. Anyway, the office says I have it wrong the appointments are next Monday..I am relieved. Sure wish I had my day planner... Then today I have two Storm messages left during my IEP which was today when my CDC+ training to was scheduled so IEP trumped CDC+ only to get to the school and them say, you are here so we are going to move forward but we have no computer access so you will have to come back another day to sign it... I smile and take a deep breath because yesterday I hired my in home help because I thought the CDC+ training was the 9th not the 10th...and that person rescheduled all her 9th duties to the 10th (her regular day) so I put myself out of in home care on the 10th any way. I sure wish I had my day planner. WEll today the 10th APPARENTLY in my Day planner it is clear that I had three neurologists appointments this morning which I did not make and they called because it is totally out of character for me to miss...AND the orthodontist appointment as well this morning I sure wish I had my day planner.... I guess I thought I was super mom planning to be at Health park at 8 and the dentist by 10 with five kids... Where was my head and WHERE IS MY DAY PLANNER.....LOL You see I am not stressed at all. Loosing my day planner has had me appreciate all I do because I am seeing all I am missing which I just did without thought prior to loosing my day planner.