Saturday, December 19, 2009

The day was calm and fulfilling

I woke no t sure how today would go, it could have been stress filled or as it was productive and calm.

The kids were super helpers; the goodie bags completed and placed with the table settings items, the gifts all wrapped and into their family bags, the centerpieces put back together one at a time bulb by bulb and burn by Mandie and I have battle scars from the center pieces.. HOT GLUE GUNS.... I went to the first store for water on sale and was in and out without any trouble...then to the dollar store for items and was 2nd in line of a busy busy store...and Walmart the Saturday before Christmas not a parking place in site until I turned the corner and there it was...I got a cart...20 cases of soda, paper products for 300, 10 large bottles of apple juice, SD cards, registration items, name tags, stuffing, sweet potatoes and the other odds and ends to fill the cart strategically to the top and was a heavy push but when I got to the open register and out to the van and on the way home I went... parting of the rivers come to mind???? I was calm, not a stress second the entire outing...and then home to complete the tasks, fill the van pack the kids set out their holiday wears, make them dinner, bath and bed...I am totally relaxed and tomorrow is the biggest event for my organization this year.. I think it is awesome!!! I have colored my hair tweezed my eyebrows and am sitting showered and cool in my holiday jammies blogging...what could be better than this..

So a part of my day has been communicating with a Mother of three I believe. She just gave birth to a baby boy who has Down syndrome. She is not convinced she and her husband are capable parents to raise their son and have chosen an adoptive family. She is seeking support because her heart is pulling her to seek all information before the biggest decision of her life is made. She has pros and cons although after reading my blog and looking at the kids she hurts to keep her son, she is just not sure of the added responsibilities... I pray that giving her all options makes her final decision one that allows her peace. I am also very calm about this today as I believe my day has been one again that I was only co-pilot.

For all my readers who will join us tomorrow, I can not wait to see you all. For those not able to make it I will be posting lots of photos and you can go to the holiday blog to see the up to date progress...

Have a blessed day, do something kind for someone tomorrow. random acts of kindness.