Friday, December 18, 2009

hours until our annual Holiday , MAGICAL EVENT

I am giving a few minutes while Emma lays her head for a much needed nap. We are just about complete with all the annual Holiday party items to secure a festive, happy celebratory Sunday with community families all having a common bond. We open our annual event outside the disability of Down syndrome to any family who experiences the trials and triumphs of raising children with different abilities because we have a common thread in the community. We need each other for support because no one can be a better support to another parent than one who has walked our journey.

The hall is rented, the music DJ) is paid, the food is ordered, drinks in my van, supplies to make it festive in my van, the table settings purchased, the goodies bags are in process, center pieces coming together, shopping near complete..tonight wrapping party at Mandie's and tomorrow we cook....we secure all last minute details and we meet our WONDERFUL DONORS Cape Coral Fire Fighters bearing gifts for all the Cape Coral children's gifts, The LeeSar employee's securing the Ft Myers children's gifts, BEAR2CUTE company for their donation each child receives a holiday bear.. We have CAPE CORAL HIGH SCHOOL staff and students meeting us to volunteer, Jim Harris Photography rolling in his studio for portraits and party shots, Sunday morning at the hall. I am completeing the spread sheet for RSVP families and making room for out of town guests.... It is a magical party each year that makes my heart feel with joy.

Now, minutes away from the bus where I am full time mom 24/7 until NEXT YEAR!! LOL

That is my full time job.. ;o)