Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas friends and family

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY JESUS......aka Pa Pa God as Carmelo him.

The night was quietly celebrated with siblings and grand kids. They had a fun finger foods dinner with presents to open from one another. It was Lara's first time celebrating with us and she enjoyed the family time. Rein is working a lot, had a huge smile on her face as I focused on "ALL ABOUT ME" items for her.. make up, perfume and a hair straightener. Everything she wanted. Mandie and the kids enjoyed the family time and all left early to get home for baths and into bed so Santa can make it to our homes. The lists are not long yet the desired item is strong. Carmelo wants track. He has a train with no track. Lara is open to anything, Chris a game for his gaming, Keirsten wants clothes from Hollister, Kaitlyn is good with anything, Jordan wants a truck, Steven wants coloring books,

Emma caught on quickly!!! I have some great photos of her opening her first gift. She SCREAMED when she got the paper into her mouth and we needed to get to the toy for her safety....she was not a happy girl.. once she got into it she would reach to rip the next package.. she is going to love morning.. Lucas opened his first gift which actually goes with a bigger gift he will get in the morning but he was content with the boxed trucks and tractors...still in the box...tomorrow morning he will find them open inside a sand/water table. I found a great table at the local goodwill store which is going to be a hit.... Tressa got a cash register which she and Kaitlyn played with until bedtime. Kaitlyn got a pottery wheel which she will do Saturday with her big sister. Jordan was in heaven with his little people farm, Steven got his super hero PJ's and figurines as his fave for tonight.... Keirsten got some NIKE sandals she has wanted for a very long time. Me, I got this awesome hand painted painting of our family tree with all 12 of my children on the branches. I am in love with it!!!! Thank you everyone.