Thursday, December 3, 2009


The kids love playing in the rain, even the extra chore of getting on rain ponchos before getting on the bus. Jordan is excited; almost as if he is really going on a water ride at a theme park...Kaitlyn loads Lucas' bag on her back and him in her arms, both covered by a large yellow poncho to wait. She does this with a smile to be able to carry him to the bus. Tressa is actually more excited to tell all and show off her new necklace she received from her Grandma Karen yesterday in the kids love mail. Cute little bottle cap treasure find. Tressa took Grandma a necklace out when we went to Seattle and in return Grandma sent on so they share and can think of one another ever day as they care for their shared gift. These are moment kids remember a lifetime. I love this part of Karen who does some very monumental little things that Tressa will Cherish eternally.

Now for the morning schedule to begin, I hear my name being called by little Bitty. She did not wake up at 5, thought 5:45 was a good time almost simultaneously with the alarm but no no no, an ounce to satisfy "starvation" cries but her she is time to finish, and do the mom rountine and then I will be Off I go.