Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reality check...It is 15 days till Christmas, 10 till the party

Mandie was checking our calendars to be sure we have everything covered, I thought well I am going to relax this weekend because we have so many things lined up soon..well it is soon, it is now...soon is here..LOL If lilbit goes into her family this weekend I will have full night sleep again which will help.

Kaitlyn and I got a lot accomplished today. She had an ENT visit this morning in Ft Myers. WE stopped at the Goodwell store next to his office and we hit JACKPOT. I picked up a sand/water table for Lucas for Christmas. We need some clean sand, we stopped and got lots of sand and water toys to have it all set up on the 25th.

We got Keirsten's SWEET 16 party supplies for the 19th's party... Her Birthday is the 17th, her good friends is the 12 so they are doing a combined party at our house.. 7 to 11 and it is the night before my Holiday event...I am sure it will be a test of my parenting skills. Today we talked about boundaries and planning..She says no pin the tail on the donkey, no BINGO, so I asked what do you plan to do? She said "lots of things" I said NO NO NO, we need to have plans. She searches the Internet for games.. Mandie her sister will be chaperoning...and she really liked a game which is the new version of the spin the bottle...but you tell something about yourself no one knows... Mandie said we should say it will be say things about Keirsten no one knows...Mandie is excited to play....LOL

We got several add ons for the Holiday party, The check was mailed for the DJ, the food final details are on edge but will come through. Mandie and I went to the hall but it was busy so we couldn't count tables and view the lay out. Plans are to try again on Saturday. The kids not covered on the Fireman's list are not getting picked from my facebook friends..:0( and that scares me but as most of the events go STRESS is on until the event occurs and then I relish the faces of the children and the stress is gone. Instant medication to my soul.

I need to get the table ware, covers, plated, napkins, etc...I have