Tuesday, December 8, 2009

to vent or not to vent, that is the question

A few of my cords were struck tonight and I am feeling like venting but know that I really should sleep on things because the new day sun brings such hope for a better tomorrow. I am such a positive person as a whole and it is very few conversations that can trip me. I am "stumbling" in thoughts tonight.

The kids are all asleep and it is after 11:00..it is well into my time so my time means no stress...so therefore the subject shall change.

I want to share a funny moment I had with Jordan the other day.. He knew we were buying our Christmas tree when we went into Walgreen's. He saw the can of spray snow and asked if we could buy it. I bought the can yet we had not gotten our tree. After setting up the tree I showed him how the snow went on the tree...He ran around the house collecting warmer attire and proceeded to suggest I take the can outside so he would be able to make snow angels. He was demonstrating to me how I might want to lay down and wave my arms to make snow angels in the snow of which he thinks this can could suffice for our yard, possibly neighborhood. Not really sure what the vision was for him.

Another is teaching our kids what it means to go to MIAMI... Kaitlyn insisted she wanted to go to " Mom I don't want to go to school, I want to go with you to YOUR AMI" I explained to her a number of times the town is called Miami. it just didn't come across to her like one word. It was two to her My Ami. Miss Jan got into a conversation with me about going to Miami and all the towns we need to go through to get there and in the end Kaitlyn was able to keep the word together and state she wanted to go to Miami with mom... but today she converted back to asking if she: Mom can I go with you to Your AMi with Gator.... Sure! LOL she is a helper and has been learning a whole lot with the one on one community contact/exposure.

Need to let this go and get some sleep....catch you tomorrow with a fresh attitude...lol Night.