Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The game of life....

Some days when I look at life it seems I am in a fast pitch baseball game where some people in my life think it is a game of dodge ball... LOL

I love fast pitch, I thrive on being busy and multi tasking. The stronger the deadline the better I work UNDER PRESSURE. I am sure my Doctor would say this is not the healthiest lifestyle one should have but here nor there it is mine.

I am in the final week of one of my annual major events, I have the hall at a discount and with that come discount environments...YIKES I am reading up on how to get the smell of smoke out of a room for an event..anyone hear of any one day cures..I found someone saying saucers full of white vinegar laid around the room, I am planning that.. I am open for any and all suggestions. I get to enter the hall at 10:30 am and we have families coming at 3:30 pm. I have large doors on either end of the hall which I will open the first couple hours..

The gifts are done by the local fireman and all I have to do is get the list completed and to them by NOVEMBER 30th... (yes i know that date has passed) He had the majority of the list by tthe 4th of December... I am a SUCKER; Sing that with me SSSSUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKEEEERRRRRRRR for the agency calling saying,, BUT WE HAVE JUST THIS ONE Family....and all the other parties are closed; full... well, Ok them with my tail between my legs I say it..well, ok then. praying my super hero over at CCPD is still somewhere with his tail ....LOL he is a soft hearted guy as well and I find he tries his best to deal with my super soft heart. OUT OF DENIAL I CAN NOT SAY NO!!

The food is finally secure and pick up time is a bit tricky.....sing that with me TTTrrrrriiiiiiccckkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee accent on the E please.... Bob Evans moved my hero manager to a much busier store, and, I not being in the food service industry switched my party to a Sunday, and, He! although still very much my hero...is not happyyyyyyy eeeeeeee hold the E again please with me. I have to pick up the food Saturday night... OMGoodness.. OMGoodness said much like Orphan Annie.. I am not complaining but can ya mark it from $2.25 per person then PLEASE?? Cause now I have to COOK SUNDAY... it does count as cooking if you have to re-heat everything right???

I am really lovin my DJ company..Secure them, they are happy and they are all on their own, they needed NOTHING from me but the payment........ THANK YOU!!! if ever you volunteer for an event choose the DJ......LOL that is my lesson learned here..
I need my party goers to tip them good!

I got a HUGE SUPRISE for all the kids..I got a major last minute donation of TEDDY BEARS from a local company...I AM SO EXCITED...

I am up on sugar this morning for all those wondering where this energy came from PUBLIX our local super market called to say they had some over cooked (quantity) PIE's LUCKY US!!!! I was able to go get a dozen pies and 10 carrot cakes...some odds and ends and let me put my finger in the cookie jar while I was there....PURE SUGAR HIGH! I must admit at 6:45 in the morning I needed something to dangle to get me out on the road for an hour BETWEEN BUSES... so the morning went like this.

Up to find Keirsten missed her 5:30 alarm now needs a ride to school, the elementary kids I get up and dress although Jordan has not completed his 2nd pot holder he feels MUST be completed before school...YIKES, I have PUBLIX scheduled to be there minutes after the kids board the bus so 2 baby's need changed and bottles made for the trip, plus Steven and Kaitlyn loose their leisure getting ready time and need to work full speed ahead to go with me and be ready to board their bus as we enter back home... RUN..... we need fast party music this morning,, no lallygagging around here.. The baby's are all smiles, they think it is a party.. race race race, hair, make up, shoes, pot holders, breakfasts lunches packed...MY GIRLFRIEND CALLS TO CHAT...what's up with that/??? not happinen..call me in a few, I will be on the road. "where ya goin" call me later... pot holder not complete...I will deliver later to school , yhee gags, BUS THE BUS ISS HERE..... go hurry, on the bus and others in the van off to get goodies for the party. YIKES the neighbors all have their garbage cans out IS IT TUESDAY... out of the van hurry, garbage cans to the road..... off to get the goodies... Load quick quick...once we load the pies.....You know those moments you need to be gracious and give people time to express themselves and "share" They want to see the baby's share their thoughts and pat you on the back and inside you are counting all the things that are going to go wrong for the ENTIRE day if you do not get back into the drivers seat RIGHT NOW and keep rolling ...Well, that was me this morning, smiling nicely with one leg in the van, my mind 1/2 way to Keirstens school while I stood listening to a woman talk...I always relate to Chevy Chase in those times..and I SMILE... I just love that character. SO I offer a closure to the conversation and hop into the van to go go go..Keirsten is trying to slide a chocolate something full of sugar into her book bag..LOOK OUT HIGH School... but she realizes her days without phone privileges would not return with yet another referral so the chocolate is placed back into the box...Drop her off and back to the house.. Kaitlyn and Steven have such a hard time with routine change so they go into their leisure mode of laying around as I gear up for some cheer leading ,, gotaa go gotta go gotta go... quick and cheerleader like. They are grumbling they want to go outside and SWING... not today so then we get into the Friday, I can stay home with you 2 weeks repetition...yes, get your back packs on and go to the driveway...mental move to the time change... it worked!

I am home and the baby's are fed, need their baths and our day begins..

I have a ton of party work to do today; all the table covers. Yesterday it showed 20 tables round which is not enough if everyone shows so a feww more, but we have chairs and we can fit everyone in..The dance floor is large YIPEE. I mentally scoped out the area for Santa, and another for the photographer. I need sodas and the gifts for the out of towners... I need to secure some more volunteers and I think we have it...Well I am thinking about cooking a turkey to have as back up.... I would never ever want to run out of food. That would be horrible... We are adding chicken nuggets for the kids...and I have families bringing side dishes... we will see, what's a turkey pop it in the oven and worst case we bring it home to eat on ...our Christmas dinner is ham.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS....I am off to give baths and love on the baby's as I hear them and all t hose squeals and babbles...JUST LOVE IT!