Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wanted: Nice teenage girls for friendship......16 yr old

Would it really be like this??? I would like for my daughter to have a circle of friends who have balance, who are nice to one another, half the drama... is that possible??? I talk to my daughter all the time about behaviors and consequences.. and here we are another year and another crushed girl with no one coming to her Birthday Party. It has happened so many times.... I do not have $400.00 to have it at Pump it up and invite open ended classmates..I looked at so many options, a night at the local hotel suite for a small group of girls to have a spa and overnight of fun in the Coconut mall Hotel.... $700 and when you have 7 children, how does one get that and the others a home served cake around the family table.. It breaks my heart. She tries to break away from having a house of siblings who have special needs, a Mother who brings peers with special needs into her life to be "friends" without choice... I am seeing her start to resent and that I need to turn around .. She reports her friends are pushing her to stay away from "children with special needs" at school. She is torn between what she knows in her heart and how it feels to be the outcast at school.... her happiness to have a party SWEET 16 and all the trimmings here at the house was the plan. BUT today she was made fun of..her heart was crushed and she came home crying... Not at all what I want her sweet 16 birthday to have memories of. So I must figure out something... Rent some nice girls.... I am really kidding but wish I had a magic wand