Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today was a very exciting day for our family. The local paper chose our family as the featured family for National Adoption Month (November) in the Ft. Myers News-press. The reporter and camera man spent the day in our home. Tues 11/17/09..the kids woke, dressed a little prep, a little play and boarded their buses off to school. Then some time with Emma, therapy canceled until tomorrow and we moved forward with the drop off of the newborn packets from PODS Angels to Healthpark NICU. While I went to the hospital the reporter and camera man took a break. We met back at 11:30 am to ride together to lunch and the free bread and veggies pick up down town Cape Coral. I get bread for the week and a donation of veggies which helps cut down our grocery bill. Then back to the house and they took a few minutes talking to Mandie and off to a break until the buses came. We then had homework, dinner therapy and off to skate night. Home from skating and in showers, pill and off to sleep...

The kids were trying to skate for the first time. Kaitlyn and Steven need a goo skater to go on the floor with them, Jordan as well... Tessa went out with her teacher and did an awesome first skate!!!! YEAH Tressa. Keirsten went out like she has been skating for some time...so proud of them all for attempting, trying to do their personal best.