Thursday, November 26, 2009


OOOOhhhhhhh myyyyy gooooddddnnnneeeesssssss...I am full!

I can tell you all; HANDS DOWN, Jordan's cranberry relish superseded all the other comments, YUMMY.... Mom, the turkey was dry, the green beans don't taste the same, why is the pie so shallow, URG...... There isn't much to put into the refrigerator so no leftovers tells me a successful dinner...:o)

We have gone through all the sales in today's paper and I am shopped out...LOL NO, I will not be out shopping tomorrow for many reasons.

Mandie was happy with her Vegan dishes, Erin and Lara enjoyed all they ate and every one's tummy is full. A quiet cuddling evening, early to sleep.

The kids passed the phone with Michelle and Ayden (live in GA)on the other end and a call to Kory (lives in IL) who was spending time at my brothers. Josh was unavailable although we sent our love through Kory. My parents were with their community friends, we will celebrate another time when the boys are down. They are in retirement so everyday is "Sunday" as Mom calls it.