Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rainy days of Florida.... maybe a song?? It has been raining all day.

I started to pull out ALL of the items in my arts and craft closet which hasn't been cleaned in about a year...see photo on right column of blog..The kids go in and out of this closet all day long. I label and sort and buy cubes and tubs but some how they "forget" where the item came from so nothing is in the right spot...and I find socks and items that are not even remotely suppose to be in there...but the task is done!!! Yeah for me. LOL I must say in the midst of all the cleaning sorting and tossing out the next door neighbor lady came by (without notice) while I was on the phone for about an hour with a support coordinator...OOOOppppppsssss and so the house must have appeared to have been hit by a wild wind storm...LOL She wanted to drop off a mile high chocolate frosted and chocolate filled chocolate cake....

The movie Four Christmases came yesterday in the mail (netflix) so I took two hours and watched that movie..cute at points... oh yeah..on line dating works---the neighbor found her mate...he is hoping to find a job soon??? LOL I guess the on line dating companies didn't back the funding of that movie...LOL

We are getting ready to make gingerbread cookies and start on some of the prep food for tomorrow. Jordan wants to make cranberries from fresh cranberries. I am thinking of some jam for breakfast on his muffins??? I know he grabbed the bag to string them for a tree with popcorn but it is a week to early. I will get our tree next weekend. We always have a fresh tree, and I also have the Cinnamon scented pine cones out in the front room...Some boxes of decorations are coming down from the attic although with respite here on Friday I want to wait it out...

DECISION DECISIONS DECISIONS.... We have all Disney decorations for our tree. Last year they opted to go home made "kids made" ornaments and I am hearing Disney Disney for this year.

Off to the kitchen, photos to follow.