Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PASS THE BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!???? What is this?????

Dear Lee County Education Department staff,

Please send me the official job descriptions and annual salary of each of the listed recipients of this email to the Lee COunty Department of Education, I would like these in writing as officially listed to the position of each person contained in this email please. If this could be provided to me at tomorrow nights ESE meeting, I would greatly appreciate it.

Best regards,


Good Morning – Upon reading the email received this morning, my first concern is that perhaps the “front-line” personnel have not been communicated with. You state that “he said you are providing him markers at school” . I assure you that the persons in receipt of your email are neither on the campus daily nor provide direct services for students on the campus.

As you did not include my response to your original email is this continuation, I include it here for clarification:

Good Morning Mrs. Pringle!

Thank you for your email. We have communicated with the faculty members and specialists guiding services at Mariner Middle. They are committed to continued collaboration to gain further understanding about the ongoing implementation of your son’s educational plan.

We will continue to provide support to them.

Please understand that we will continue to work with the staff at Mariner Middle and believe communication with staff who are involved in daily efforts of implementing services supporting the IEP are essential.

Michelle C. McNerney

Program Specialist for Inclusion

School District of Lee County

Fort Myers, Florida


"When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt." Henry John Kaiser

(From one)

Dear Mrs. Pringle,

As per your previous email, contact was made with school staff to discuss your concerns. As you know, we continue to offer and provide support and assistance to school teams and teachers who are working with students with disabilities and other diverse learners, since implementation and follow-through of established plans is important.

Regarding the email below, my thought is that this information can and should be communicated directly to and with the established contact person at the school, so that she/they may follow up and determine how to best meet your son’s needs with existing school personnel. All of the district personnel addressed in the email below do not work with your son so we are not best suited to respond to your statement, “His book bag does NOT have any markers in it so it isn't happening on the bus, he said you are providing him markers at school - Why? WHAT IS GOING ON??”


Rachel Taylor

Program Specialist
Exceptional Student Education