Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Sunday morning.... The kids woke early (surprise surprise) and I hear; I WANT SOME BREAKFAST... I say; "in a minute I will get cereal" (pause) nothing...YIPEEEE it is Sunday and I get away with cereal.... YES!

The kids stagger in for their choice of cereal as I fix Lucas' breakfast and Emma's bottle...I am on a roll. Kaitlyn offers to feed Emma her bottle and Lucas ate his warm cereal mix no problem..we are off to a wonderful start. Ali is out and Steven has her fed. Someone let Ali out of her crate in the night so results are found on the floor, Jordan points them out, does not clean them up. States he doesn't know how...RIGHT....

It isn't 8 am so I ask for books and cuddle time in my room.. Steven is in his room with music, Lucas playing with toys in his room, Kaitlyn holding Emma in my room, Tressa has all her new toys in her room, Keirsten asleep on the couch and Jordan gathering books for me to read on my bed... my friend Gail calls for our morning coffee chat. I check emails, texts and look at 6 voicemails-I am not listening to now. Did I mention it isn't 8 am yet..?.... Emma, Kaitlyn and Jordan climb on my bed for some story time. I start with Olive the other Reindeer and Kaitlyn starts reading Bear sleeps.. at the same time and out loud as well... wasn't smooth like row row row your boat by two people at staggered times, so Jordan gets agitated.. Kaitlyn never realizes she is reading out loud, also if her ipod is on that she is singing out LOUD..... so she is clueless what is happening.

I make it through the book and get Kaitlyn to listen to me and read in another room. On to the next book we went, Emma is vocalizing and I enjoy watching her watch all the people around her. If I am speaking her eyes are glued on my moving mouth... Her vocals are improving with leaps and bounds as her speech therapist states she is ready to start sign language with her...AMAZING!!!

Lucas is also saying more words and signing consistently a handful of signs. His Independence in purposeful play has increased and his awareness to routine, structure and schedule is well above a year ago. He responds to direct firm clear direction...Example.... yesterday at Chick E. Cheese he ran away from Mandie with no purpose just to run wild..arms flying and him laughing just to "disobey her direction to stop" I got him by the arm took him to a quiet corner and put him in time out... After a couple minutes I explained what I wanted from him and he got up held the side of the stroller nicely as we went to the first game for him to play...he played then took hold of the stroller..Mandie made a comment "good holding the stroller" as I turned, he ran...I got him took him back to the corner put him in time out...this went on about 4 to 5 times until he got up and stayed with our group without running away. He is a tester..they all are.

Off to our next task of the day--clean the back yard, then lunch and O.T. for the afternoon with Ms Jan. The kids are excited to see Ms. Jan and her activities for our Sunday afternoons. Monday is a busy day with Tuesday our day for meeting with the Newspress about ADOPTION as their featured adoptive family for November 2009....we are excited to be a part of the awareness feature.