Monday, November 23, 2009

Manic Monday

The morning seemed minutes from last nights bedtime... Oh can it be???

Yep, Keirsten was out the door and it was running into "late" Nancy's husband bunked on the couch to avoid being too tired to cross the alley from working in central Fl all weekend. He was bright eyes and bushy tailed on the road early.. Tressa was up but having melt downs over hair bows and what to take for snack..not usual for morning. Lucas needed a shower and was sluggish. Jordan was plain old tired with not much energy to get moving... The bus is ten minutes away and the kids are not dressed...I do not see a good day ahead.... RUSH RUSH RUSH We only have 2 days of school Santa will want us to have good school days.. Santa is my everything right now..I have 34 days of co parenting...LOL Well they made it on their bus in time...whey, now Steven and Kaitlyn. Steven seems to have his mind moving backwards this morning... and Kaitlyn refuses to get up.. not even the promise to feed Emma was getting her moving. They make their bus with lots of distractions ...try my patience. Emma is wanting breakfast the laundry has now taken over my dining area and world... A ring at the door -Connie has stopped in for coffee...and with a cup some major folding of clothes is occurring. Emma holds off and we get the pile down. Breakfast for Emma and 2 more loads done.. The school calls for me to pick up Lucas who is not feeling well.... A run to the school and back for load three...the table is a pile of clothes again. No ring at the door so I am folding solo. One, two and three more loads..oh, this didn't ring out well. A rinse and spin... the day rolls on. An interview over the phone about what family means to me for a newspaper piece coming out this coming weekend.. Right now, this minute...I rambled.... I think I made some sense..I hope. My family is unique. I love my birth family--I never called them that before..but my family is so extended how do I define family??? The people who are my support, my life today are family aren't they?? But we have no common blood just bond. My "birth children are all twelve.. because they are the same within me. As if they were born to me... my birth kids..all 12. No not all from my tummy but born from my heart .. well see, I am dazed and confused with explaining FAMILY. A group of humans who wish to connect and share a life together??? Well Ali isn't considered a human and she is our family. I get off the phone to learn I never switched the washer back from rinse and spin to regular many loads have gone through this know I had a brain blunder to "why" why is there soap on the pair of jeans I just completed and Why? is the washer making it through the cycle so fast, am I really on a roll??" no No no no no..... they need to go back, it appears two loads did not get "washed" so re-wind.... Nancy calls, I get a call or two for the up coming event with PODS Angels and the phone company reminds me bills must be paid to keep the conversations flowing...yikes. I love auto pay but when you loose or think you loose a debit card you must go back and re-enter the new information to the new keep the flow of the program...I am flowing now.....LOL

Buses came in, laundry is still going and home work rules now.... tomorrow will be a new day.