Friday, November 27, 2009

Flip-Top Bench/Table With Arms (All White Only)

Make A Maintenance-Free Park Bench That Converts To A Picnic Table!

Maintenance-Free, All-Inclusive, Flip-Top Bench/Table is made entirely of long-lasting, all-weather (and non-splintering) polyethylene and PVC, and even includes seven PVC boards (five 2x6s, two 2x4s)! 5' long overall. No painting required! Flip up the bench back, and you've got a small, sturdy picnic table (half the customary table size). Put two together and you've got a full-size picnic table, complete with benches!
(If you want a full-size table with 2 benches, you must order two kits.)

Nancy just called me about these...VERY COOL