Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vegan and not

It is a busy morning here..once they woke up. Simple cereal for breakfast then pie baking, some finger food planning for lunch time and on to having the turkey in the oven. Cheese cake from the school fundraiser out of the freezer to thaw.

It is my first year cooking THANKSGIVING for a Vegan daughter. She and the other girls have been a vegetarian for 17/many years (since her teens) and now has made the complete switch.. I am learning...You know special butter...and yes I injected the "TURKEY" with her vegan butter....LOL But the acorn squash, potatoes, we made her jello and have fresh green beans, learning about gravy. I think the bigger change is appetisers..We have Hummus and chips with some bean dip with salsa and NO CHEESE anywhere...where is all my seafood with dips and the salmon pate and the sausage rolls...LOL I know they make vegan cheeses but couldn't find it at my market place... Our pumpkin pie is vegan, that means it has Tofu in it.. I will report on that later. It sure is a far cry from when my Dad would go deer hunting, hang the animal from our tree and cut into venison for the holidays... Guess those days are memories. I must say that Jordan's cranberry relish is the BOMB! Can not wait to bake Kaitlyn's casserole.

We will take a family photo although Josh, Kory nor Michelle and Ayden are here...This is the other year for Mandie's boys as well so Christopher and Carmelo are not here...NEXT YEAR will be Thanksgiving at our home and if all our prayers are answered our home will be suitable to have the Northern relatives come down so make it a HUGE reunion of family at our home. I would very much love for my new generation to learn who their relatives are..