Sunday, November 1, 2009

Neighborhood love

Halloween for us is one of the days our neighborhood is out greeting one another and taking that extra moment to not just wave and say "Hi" but hug, catch up and share with one another..

It is very sweet to hear people many blocks away say they couldn't wait until we got to their door to get their hugs...Jordan was the big "change" this year.. Many noticed his growth spurt...He is a big boy now.

We started today with getting up our decoration pumpkins, decorating the real one with a face and getting the food for our company. Everyone brings things. Mandie brought all the makings for Salsa, the kids helped put it together while I ran to get last minute items and the medications ready for pick up. I grabbed a couple items for Tressa and My trip to Seattle next weekend because I feel time passing quickly.

When I got home it was time to start the charcoal in the grill, get my shower and move forward for a house full of family. The kids were all in their beds for a one hour "nap" which was only quiet time to rest for a long day. They are use to being in bed by 8pm so pushing them is hard on their bodies and we all pay for them being tired.. Thank you TV8 for a Halloween special as they all watched the 90 minute show in their beds quietly and were prepped for a spooky night...


I cook the meat on the grill, mandie inside getting the kids through showers. Costums are hanging ready fo the kids to finish eating..

Oh Sh*t---Kaitlyn just walked through my room and my suitcase is out......
"MOM WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING? YOUR SUITCASE IS OUT!" I told her I am going to Seattle but it is next weekend.... "ME AND YOU" she said I tell her no, it is for Tressa and I to go. She growls and storms out of my room......we are about to embrace on a new journey which has slipped her mind so I need to run and help her recover or our morning could get rough...

I will finsih yesterdays notes later