Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mommy notes:

A couple of things to tell you...
Jordan has his big sister here daily as in home support to our family (hired) She has a little boy who is 2 (my grandson) Like many moms when he does something she is not pleased over she often uses his first and last name... "normal"

Well because Jordan relates that word (their last name) as "Oh you are in big big trouble" He uses it when he gets mad at others...This morning Keirsten nudged him while passing by in close quarters in the van so he tripped her... OK not the nicest moment but she turned to him after and made a mean face (again not condoning their actions) But the funniest is when Jordan in his very deep angry voice says Bubba ESPINO!!!!!! like Espino is a very very stern word.

Then I meet Mandie thinking we are attending the aviation day event to have the kids go up in the airplanes... to find a line of cars waiting to get into the full parking lot in a line already 2 miles long and not moving....NOT A PLACE I WANTED TO BE... s I phone her and she indicates she is exhausted and will do what I wish but she said after having my children a week she has had some moments where she feels out of mind, out of body experiences of exhaustion...LOL (she is half my age) LOL so we opt to stop at Chick E Cheese for a short time as they are packed full of birthday parties and not a table available...

Then one more thing..... Can really a baby of 7 months cry ALL DAY???? For 3 days straight.... SUPER NANNY I NEED YOU!!!!!!! Emma has not let up since we have been home, the crying is off the chain. If I leave she cries the entire time I am going...If I am not holding hr she cries YES SHE HAS BEEN CRYING THIS ENTIRE TYE SESSION AND I AM OUT OF MY WITS ENDS...... She is 7 months old...Really for all intensive purposes 3 months (since surgery) and this DID NOT occur prior to November 6th (Day we flew out to Seattle) and I held her for 6 days how do I get back to the other side of this??????