Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catch up not Ketcup.....LOL

Saturday night the call came...MARY-MARY wake up go get on the computer!!!! You have a mom in Ft Myers thinking of placing her unborn baby for adoption because the baby has Down syndrome..... WAKEEEEEEE UUUUUUPPPPPPPPP !!!!!
Ok, so now I am up ...almost midnight. You know I wasn't back to bed for some time. Then Sunday a all day my mind was finding and supplying supports to the agency hosting this moms desires. MY FRIENDS RESPONDED!! Thank you all! Very touching letters.

Sunday brings therapy, the Cape Coral family going to adopt 3 angels from Ukraine stop over. We share information and the day passes quickly. Jordan was a bit off Sunday, feeling extra needy. He is in the process of getting a wish granted from the Make A Wish foundation and I think he gets a bit over stimulated in mentally thinking of a special all about him time. ??? Keirsten went off to babysit and we are all having a lazy day of backyard play.

My calendar this week is slammed. Lots to get done before going out of town. I am so excited about going to the ranch, just getting away from phones, internet and chaos. Might even wear a cowgirl hat!! LOL

Monday I spent trying to get back up on the horse from a cold I keep pushing keeps creeping to the forefront. Emma is also coming to the end of her cold. Jordan makes a HUGE cheese pizza for dinner which brightens every one's mood.

Tuesday it is Jordan's clearance physical for his MRI. He is having anxiety about shots.. NO SHOTS! We meet up with Victoria and Mom (family with DS) and they are in need of support. They will be at the spaghetti dinner. It made me realize I need to have information packets about services/supports and use this for helping families help themselves...Jordan stays with me for the day. Mandie comes and I seem to get sucked into the computer.

Wed; 2 kids to eye appointment (Tressa and Emma) 8:45 am until noon.... Can you say LLLOOOONNNNGGGGGGG waits. Tressa's eyes are pretty much un-changed, if not better. Emma has something going on and we need to check back with the neurologist about the MRI.

SWIM LESSONS!!! 1st day...I will have the camera. we are dressing now to go...