Monday, March 1, 2010

The sunrise is BEAUTIFUL this morning after a full moon sunset

The natural visual living in Florida are amazing...last nights sunset with a full moon lit the night light on fire with neauty...and this morning equally amazing sun rise.

Good Monday morning. Jordan and Tressa just left for school on their bus. Keirsten ran out after jumping up last minute to catch hers, we'll see if she comes back. She pushes the limit staying up late at night and then doesn't wake to her alarm.. Everyone in the house wakes to her alarm except her laying right next to it. The teen Gene!

Lucas is still not up to par and I do not want to run to school in an hour for him having loose stools...o he is hanging with Emma and I today. Steven is up but watching cartoons very quietly because usually no TV in the morning although he is up before his time so I am letting him be 13. I need to gel that Mohawk hair cut Mandie gave him to See how that gos for school today.

I have a list a full sheet long of everything I need to go replenish here at the house. I am awake and reality is I need to get a dryer today.. I avoid the obvious until it is no longer avoidable and that is today.... Camp applications in he mail, drop by the Doctors for all the camp physicals...which I put in a big envelope to quick quick drop off.. My goodness the health care costs of just filling out camp forms!!! I need to advocate that one form and if they have additional questions then w need all medical forms to have a small check area for that issue I feel terrible dropping off almost 30 forms today.

My last week; short illness, has settled into my sinus area and I hate head colds. Emma is also a little congested and had a rough night sleeping sound. Knock on wood other than a tummy ache we are all well. The news said this coming cold spell is it for us for the season. I sure hope he is correct.

As for me, I am helping--well trying to help the MAT organization get some charity work for International children here.... not as easy as one might think.. The one statement that hit harder than any this past couple months in opening up my effort to help medical international is that when one mentions a condition like the heart..OK, a child needs a heart repaired and it is a conversation, then get past "international children" then mention the child has Down syndrome and it almost always shut the conversation down. What is up with that? A human isn't a human is a human? I am so stuck with this idea that people have never had an experience with a person with Down syndrome and DOCTORS????? My goodness, I can not wait for each day of my life to start because like today it is a exciting day. Dr Seuss' Birthday is tomorrow. Green eggs and ham... YES I AM! Who, which one of you, will do GREEN EGGS AND HAM, not spam, for your little clan, that would be a scam....You bet I am! The cute; "I love you more more more" after a time out for telling me "no" and or calling me a "Butt Head"... because let me tell you there is no worse punishment here than to have mom not paying any attention to you.... Now tell me, Did your teens care if you ignored them?? LOL Oh I have to tell you parenting doesn't change much...I put Keirsten in time out for her 16 minutes Friday nigh, the beginning of the weekend .... The look on her face like; FOR REAL??? and I followed through! She turned her attitude around after so it was a good distraction to her negative behavior. BUT when Mandie came Saturday and Keirsten told her Mandie reminded me of the time I put her in time out at the age of 13!!! She has never forgotten it...LOL Amazing. LOL

I will load the camera I have it back and post current photos, I got use to phone camera photos, although that only hits the facebook page. I need to get coffee... It is time to get Katie in the shower.