Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No sunblock needed here today

Well I just jumped on here to avoid a day of email wise cracks...I had written a piece on adoption costs/deleted itbefore posting... on one of my yahoo forums and decided I have a blog and if I want to share my opinion it would be best here not the world of opinionated people on a mission.... I always hear my daughter say to me...mom what will that do for you?? what's the best that could come from that??? You know when the advice goes full circle it seems to mean more. I am such a good person to give advice but not follow it myself. I would have had so many less heart aches in life had I listened to Miss Mary Lequia's advice.

So it is a rainy nasty day here in sunny south west Florida. The sun way up and red bright and far away for about 10 minutes..I stood with Kaitlyn watching it fight through and poof the storm hit and it was dark sky's and that big red fire ball GONE, GONE, GONE.

I did a ditty on facebook about Jake picking Vienna..my choice from very early on...come on, give it a rest. NO, she didn't go there to make friends. Have you ever been in a house with 25 girls all wanting the prize??? and it being a MAN, HELLO; Cat Fight comes to mind but no not friendships for the winning girl.... They make a great couple and I was rooting for it to be real love. I had a relationship like that once; it was one sided.... :0( The fun was there, the trust and excitement, lust, yada yadya yada You did get that I said one sided... the sparks but unfortunately that was in my mind and his only when he was with me- he had 25 other woman, no it wasn't Tiger......LOL I am just not one of them any longer, we have a distant friendshop and I now get to console him from heart aches as he is in some one sided relationships he only feels and the other doesnt :0) God has a way to to offer human in hard life lessons.. It does make the bar high for the next guy in the trust, fun, lust, trust, passion, excitment, trust and as all know...... no one has filled that void for me.... well no man. That void is no longer painful as my life is so full of love the pain is gone and I am in comfort that God has a plan for me (man path) and I need to follow his lead. I have been single 42 years of my 49 years on earth, so I think single is OK with me.

Tressa has some tests today out at the hospital to see why she is holding E Coli and if any scaring has occurred in her bladder/kidneys because of this on going problem. She went to school, for goodness sakes they are celebrating by GREEN EGGS AND HAM today. Emma is staying with Mandie and Lucas is home sick-pray he can eat and not vomit today. He has slept for 24 hours, no fever although looks like not up to par yet.

I smell coffee and it is almost time for middle school bus..I need to run.