Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear SW Florida PODS Angels' friends and family,

We are honored to announce a new journey for our organization, partnering with; MEDICAL ADVOCACY TEAM. (MAT) A gift we are thrilled to be a part of. We will host a little 2 year old girl from Haiti who needs a complete AV canal repair. She was referred to MAT prior to the Earthquake and survived the crisis in Haiti to continue to need this medical care to live.

After several attempts to get a Surgeon and Hospital willing to take a charity case for an international child; WHO HAS DOWN SYNDROME, was a feet in and of itself. I secured this today, we are moving forward with the details. SW FL PODS ANGELS is now taking the responsibility for the paperwork to process fees for her medical VISA, her stay and airplane ticket as well as the escort airfare.

If anyone wishes to be a part of this new journey SW FL PODS Angels, please let me know. You can have a fundraiser to help, lemonade stand, garage sale, bake sale, etc. Ideas are endless. Please make tax deductible donations payable to: SW Florida PODS Angels Family Support Group, Inc. and mail to address below or deposit into FIFTH/THIRD Bank. We have more referrals to come although we want to focus on this one before taking on another. I will keep everyone informed; have a blog for you to follow as her time to arrive nears.

Cost of the Child's Paperwork in Haiti: $300 - $500 dollars

birth certificate, passport, medical tests, doctor visits, in-country transportation, etc.
Travel Costs:
Child's Escort $500 - $600.
Child's Ticket $30 - $600 (depending on age)
Visa Fee: $130
Hotels, Drivers, Meals: $300 - $400
Estimated total to help a child from Haiti: $1260 - $2230

Best regards,
Mary Beth Pringle
SW Florida PODS Angels
(Parents of Down syndrome)
Family Support Group, inc.
501(c)(3) organization
3422 SE 11th Place
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 872-4778