Monday, March 8, 2010

Have you ever been on one of those rides you just can't seem to get off of.. I am so glad Monday came, the bus showed up. OCD is a strong behavior and when it grabs hold of Tressa it is an amazing feat to parent. I would say conquer but you don't. If you hold yourself from getting into the web, it is the feat of parenting and not getting in the web.

OCD, look it up if you have never understood the dynamics of it and be sure to relate it to PWS... it doesn't have to be about food, can be the way she wants the house to run today; her way, or the way she needs the toilet paper folded, or shoe string 1" off the floor 2" from the top laced hole and double knotted but not a bulky double knot that can bounce on the top of her shoe...But before you manage that...the sock had better not had a seem, a fold or a lint left over or you will start all over again... and if you think you won' just bought the worst day of your life. CHEAP! LOL and yet she is well liked and very loved! God had a sense of Humor when he put together Tressa. Just so happy she is in class right now! School has come a long way, they live what I live yet with this years teacher and her 1:1 who has the time and energy to learn and understand PWS it is a whole new world for Tressa at school. The first few months were hard as she learned she was not in control for the first time in a very long time but with the FBA=BIP and all the PWSAUSA info plugging away Tressa is almost at 2nd grade level in Gen d 2nd grade with her typical peers!!! We will meet to place her back into 2nd grade for another year as she needs the foundation she doesn't quite have to move on to 3rd grade. Each year it becomes harder and she needs this time with this team to get completely ready to head on to the next level so she will succeed from this day forward...

So that has been my focus for a few days. Emma has spent time with Keirsten on the computer.. She just loves watching the animation on the screen. She imitates sounds and makes the sing song verbals to music she likes. Time for some visual learning for Emma. Something more meaningful.

Lucas is now doing wheelbarrow hand walks. He tries hard to get out of work for everyone but mom. I feel like the mean giant some days with the kids because I have followed through that they no longer give me a hard time, just do it and move on. He does the wheelbarrow hand walk