Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, Monday.... singing in the rain.....

Yes, another raining morning with more to come so says the morning news man.

Yesterday was smooth sailing once the morning drama ended. The kids played for short periods of time in the cold pool which has no filter system yet today. I will need to go get a new motor tomorrow because filling the pool twice in a month will be killer water bill next month. I need that pool running for the 11 days off starting the end of this week. HUGE difference in our lives with or without a pool.

Swim lessons canceled yet again. Back to Wed/Fri from the switch Mon/Wed which ended in a real blunder. I will post pics each session for you to enjoy the journey as they learn to swim efficiently.

I have no set appointments today, lots of catching up in the house and the need to straighten the arts/crafts closet is long over due.. I need to pull out Easter items to see where we are on that. Figuring out who will wear the suit???? My boys are up North... Lord knows we can not hide eggs in the back yard...HHhhhmmmmm.

Some catch up on here. Mom chose parenting, YEAH!! She is coming over Thursday to get some materials to read up on. Because she is a mere 21 yr old mommy I have matched her to our other young mommy Holly who also breast feeds and will help with those issues if they come up. Our new mommy (6 mos pregnant) read on line it is difficult if not impossible to breast feed a baby with Down syndrome. Holly, well Brooke is and Holly explains Brooke has made it her job. Very cool.

The meeting for May 8th has been falling into place. I have many many donations of inspirational materials to give all the new families. It is going to be an awesome get together.

The young family from Cape Coral will be leaving for the Ukraine in the next week or so to adopt 3 little ones from the orphanage who all three have Down syndrome. hey have been spending time with us the past couple months to prepare for things they can do while there and as they return and adjust to stimulate the children's muscle tones and enhance their lives as quickly as possible. Out OT will be adding this family to her list as summer comes and school closes for break. The future for these children will be changed forever...Praise God. I am very excited for this family as their heart and mine coincide.. Listening to them talk, they put into words how I feel about what I do.

I call to get hospital clearance to move little Brown's case to come to the US for medical and we pray little Miss Haiti is located so that her heart can be repaired. If she can not be located, I pray it is because another country picked it up and she is well somewhere here on earth.

I am not sure I posted but a 23 yr old mom delivered way too early last Tuesday and her baby with Down syndrome is doing OK, although could use all our prayers as they live in NICU for at least another 7 weeks.