Sunday, March 28, 2010

FEEL MY PAIN..............

OK, this has been the 18 hours I wish I could rewind and do over...

Saturday went good, productive or at least we felt it to be productive. We got the fence duc taped with white duc tape until I can get the mental strength to screw in all 137 thousand slats with self tapping screws to keep my dog from nose butting them down. SO that seemed completed for now.

We cleaned the back porch of paw sand and the chewed everything "stuff" that didn't get put away... We drained the remainder of the pool, scrubbed the sides, bleach drain, scrub, mop, scrub, bleach, drain..after everyone was sunburn and yes we had on 60 block...we began to fill the pool,(after a run to walmart for supplies that had been chewed and no longer useful). I believe it was about 2 pm Saturday afternoon the filling began.. all seemed great; leading to a Sunday of blissful swim time relieving mom of all children "bored." Well, the kids ate dinner and went to sleep with ease from their hard work... At about 10ish--ten thirty...whenever I posted on face book my house volume level raised to epic disciples...MICHELLE IS HERE, MICHELLE IS older daughter who lives in GA drove straight threw and was in the house.. OMGoodness, she woke up each of them in high energy levels THE HOUSE WOKE UP--even Emma to open Birthday presents, Ali to jump and play... For about 45 minutes and then Michelle states it is time for her to go to her resting spot (friends house) ..and here I sat with all the kids having about 2 hours of solid sleep and now awake.... THANKS MICHELLE!

It took a little over an hour to get everyone back to sleep. Keirsten informed me her "boyfriend" was caught by his Dad on the phone after shut down time so he had to get off and now that he has gotten the phone after his Dad must be asleep; she wants to talk to him....... Where do these teens get logic??? When I said no I was the mean one...go figure it is midnight and she needs to go to sleep.

I think everyone is alseep....WHAT THE HECK??????????? three firetruck, an ambulance and police EVERYWHERE.... I fear it is Ann, my next door neighbor so I grab clothes and race outside... No it is Nahan's grandparents home... A moment to pray..and I see the fireman pulling down their attic ladder... the ambulance folks are gathering, no one seems to be rushing..... It was nothing serous and they are all fine...back to bed. I did try to capture the red light flashig with my cell phon but the app fo camera wouldn't work??? I HATE MY PALM PRE' I can not say that enough. It has been crap since the day I opened the box.

Emma wakes at two am and I can hear she needs fed or it is not going to be a good night.. Up to feed Emma, as I take her dishes to the sink I hear water... "Keirsten did you turn the hose off to the pool" she repels "YES MOM" I venture out and no she did not..Full blast 12 TWELVE hours later I turn off the water...yes, this is paid water like Gold in S Florida... I know that was a $200.00 day. I look and the yard is flooded. She also claims she put the chemicals I believe her??? She said she plugged in the filter/pump??? DO I believe her?? Well as long as the water is off I can wait till morning to deal with the rest - right. I sleep from 3 to about 5 when Jordan wakes up to go swimming. I do my best to get him to bed, he settles for a cartoon and TV... I just want some sleep.... Not happening. Steven has his cup and boat heading to the pool; NO NO NO it is not even 6 am, everyone to your rooms until 8 am!!!! that is our rule. At 7:30 the kitchen has been broken into, Tressa is in the bathroom with two chicken sandwiches Keirsten left in the toaster last night and Kaitlyn is wrestling her to the floor to get them away. HELLO the people down the street can hear this.. GO KATIE! LOL When Tressa hear me she knows to release or the calories will count as breakfast and she has a cereal she must eat or this could be a long day.... Hey 7:30 is close enough to 8 am..I turn and Jordan has the making of pancake breakfast out on the counter...Can I do it, can I do it, Yes I can, Yes I Pancakes for all but Tressa who eats her cereal and into her swimsuit with snorkel and goggles she is heading to the pool............ OH NO.................. Where is the water in the pool??????????????????????????????????????? The filter tube (brand new)has holes and the pool is draining of the GOLD (water which is expensive here) YES I CAN, YES I CAN.... As I slop in the saturated yard to the pool I think HHmmmmm I wonder------- I go back to unplug the filter because something seemed to be jumping in the water where the cord was laying in the water........ Once unplugged, I retrieve the white duc tape to patch a hole in the filter tube, ironically it appears to be Brown Lab mouth/teeth bite holes in the shape of one Ali girl puppy I know.... :o) URG!!!

Tape the tube, get everything secure and plug in the filter??? IT trips the outlet so you know ---YES JUST SAY IT CAUSE I HAVE ALREADY SAID IT..............Ali has chewed up the electric cord to the pump! Yes, she has...... The good news is I did not get electrocuted. Ok, that's the good news. The other good news is the kids will have the pool for today, the water is what it is and it is clean TODAY!

Back inside for breakfast as I realize I am being bit up by ants as they have been rerouted from their homes since my yard is flooded and my feet and ankles hurt, itch and just burn........... Can I get back to bed and start over???????????????????