Saturday, March 27, 2010

WHAT DO YOU SEE.........???

What I saw was an opportunity for me to pick up the phone and ask my local Orthopedic surgeons if they do any International Charity Care. I got a no, another no, and then yesterday I got the contact.... I GOT A YES!!!!! So just 15 minutes of my time I personally have changed a life forever... Well others helped.. The Medical Advocacy Team made me aware of this little Boy. Now many will do their part to make this happen.... My message to you all is if you have 15 minutes or even five you could save a child's life from a contact you have. "JUST DO IT" I can not wait to journey this little guys way to walking independently. I pray the doors open quickly and with ease. I will keep you all posted as this unfolds. It will be here in SW Florida.

UPDATE: The little girl with Down syndrome needing the complete AV canal repair from Haiti has not been located to this day. They are still looking for her as I took a day to contact Florida Doctors and Hospitals and landed her the life saving operation of heart surgery. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!