Friday, March 26, 2010

Cloudy with scattered showers

Today is a day to stay in bed and watch movies... eat Bonn Bonn's and in my case try to figure out babble language. Emma is the most talkative infant in my house. She has so much to say; I see speaking in her future.

I am telling you, Miss Tressa is in another seeking stage...She said her friend let her "hold" her fruit cup for her.... YEAH RIGHT..... the fruit cup which is empty in her book bag. This mom didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I picked her up from school yesterday because they called to tell me she is too tired to stay at school.... She told her teacher I MAKE HER watch TV all night. So needless to say she has no TV in her room... She shares a room with Kaitlyn who insists her teacher Ms Peach said she has to watch TV all night... what is up with the all night TV crap. I know Tressa got it on the Health channel. I TiVo's a PWS show I want to watch when I am ready.... BUT she was watching "having baby's" so she had her doll up under her shirt all up in the delivering squat and had tweezers... HHHEEEELLLLPPPP ... It is time for TV deletion. Well while she was home it was non stop relentless food seeking.. I was exhausted with keeping her in her room to rest. Do you think she thought she would come home to an empty house...Like I leave during the day and would leave her here alone..??? She sure seemed focused on not resting.

Jordan went down better last night, he had been out of many insurance changes so they now can not auto I have to remember all 46 scripts and when each needs called in on time..and when I call them in it may or may not be the time... crazy. I know I called in the shot on Tuesday and here it is Friday and no meds.. If it doesn't come today ??

While on the topic... I can not wait for this new medical to kick in, maybe I will get to the Doctor and Dentist??? I will go the moment it is available. I had insurance after Emma came but with her needs being so intense I forgot to take care of me and now it is over for me, she still has insurance because when you adopt you get that as an adoption subsidy. Me, well I didn't do all this the best interest of me way.

ADOPTION..... I am now officially the Co founder of the Adoption support group of Lee County. We will be hosted out of the Lutheran Church in Ft Myers which is going to offer adoptive families a support group and the children who have been adopted peer support with professional directed conversations as needed. I am excited about it. I need to get into being out there again, meeting new people and building friendships that work today... Single for so long the friends I have prefer other activities than my interests for today. I have ever changing needs.LOL

DOWN SYNDROME.... This is my soul, and I believe we are on the rise. I am getting a lot of calls with many many new moms in their 20's. We are going to start back the monthly support meetings for Down syndrome as well. The first will be in Naples where we have a new mom blogging which has gotten world wide coverage. Awareness to Down syndrome. She can share how it was to receive the news. I have a few other moms as well so we can take the message to the community on how to be more receptive to our moms. I got yet another call from a mom who is 5 mos pregnant and is hassled to abort by our local maternal fetal medicine. I am all about giving all options equally but this pressure to end life only because the markers of Down syndrome are present is crazy. This mom was told to abort and NOT TO GET AMNEO... how crazy is that. You have no idea how many call with "markers" indicating possible Down syndrome, I provide books and their baby does not have DS... This mom did the amneo and she is having a baby with DS and she is not aborting. She is not confident she is capable of raising the baby because the vision right now in her news/grief is looking at the disability not the baby. It is a process of educating and we have time for that. I am a firm believer of all options of support and then if mom feels she is not best we plan then. Just to hear the DS diagnosis is scary before you have that gift to hold and look back at you... The last mom who didn't want to place after birth but felt obligated because the adopting mom had invested in the journey....broke my heart... That Birth mom told me the life pain of giving her baby to the adoptive mom was going to be less than the life pain of breaking the heart of the woman who wanted her baby........ so my heart broke for her. I feel very strong that no woman should decide if the only reason is a disability until after their baby is born. They just do not know, God may have more strength than they knew...It would not hurt to make decisions after. UNLESS, it is an obvious.

KAITLYN KAITLYN KAITLYN I wish I had a live cam here so everyone could feel the pain of Kaitlyn in the morning.. DRAMA over nothing. A complete melt down because a sub bus came to pick her up and it wasn't her #. She is screaming "it is not ten fifteen, it is not ten fifteen." I look out and her driver is comforting her that he used a different bus because Olivia is in the hospital and they could..... OMGoodnss she is off the chain. The morning was rough; I even offered for her to stay home.. Are you feeling sick Kaitlyn? DO you want to stay home to sleep ??? Nope, she wants to wake up like a tiger and blow through the house (like usual) Good morning world. If anything is out of place, it is world war for her. If I mention to Hurry, your bus is coming, do you have this or that...ROAR! Then there is Steven who has a smirky hiss "Hey Katie knock it off"...... LOL my morning.. thank goodness it is only about 30 minutes long like that. I have tried music, breakfast in bed, leaving all her items together next to her... all helps a smidgen but she is NOT NOT NOT a morning person.